Keep Track of Multiple Data Points to Run Your Business Better

Call tracking lets an organization know what advertising and marketing methods are working and which ones are not. With so much competition out there among advertisers, this practice is a must for anyone wanting to succeed. In short, it lets you know what marketing channels and campaigns are making the phone ring.

Far too many organizations advertise then hope that it works. They engage in a variety of advertising activities such as social media, Adwords, direct mail, television, newspaper, and radio. And when the phone rings, the business owner does not know which marketing channel produced the inquiry. But thanks to our revolutionary call tracking software, the days of not knowing are over.

When you know what’s driving leads, you can appropriate advertising monies to those areas and either eliminate or cut back on the less effective methods.

The average business does a variety of marketing functions such as direct mail, radio, a Google PPC campaign, and some sort of online directory. Our call tracking platform will assign unique phone numbers to each marketing channel then show you on our convenient dashboard where the calls are coming from. Frankly, if you’re not doing this, you are throwing money down the drain.

While many organizations do a good job of online lead attribution, many don’t fully close the marketing loop by tracking phone calls. This is a huge step that cannot be overlooked, but often is. Our call tracking software will close the loop for you. You’ll know exactly where that phone call originated. No more flying blind.

Call tracking is more than knowing what ingredients in your marketing mix is causing customers to pick up the phone. It also provides you with critical information that can help you improve your overall processes.

Our call tracking software will show you how each of your sales people are converting. This information will allow you to filter the most valuable leads to them as well as current customers who may be falling through the cracks. This information is also helpful as it provides insight on where your employees are lacking and may need training.

It’s important to know that call tracking provides a large mosaic of data that really get to the genesis of why your business is performing the way it is. Some of the analytics you’ll have simple and convenient access to include:

  • Cost Per Lead
  • Cost Per Acquisition
  • Close Rate
  • Lead Rating
  • Missed Opportunity

cost-per-leadCost Per Lead

If you’re budget for $600 a month on Adwords, what is the number of times your phone rings? If you get 100 calls, your CPL is $6.

cost-per-customerCost Per Each Acquisition:

This piece of data shows you how much it costs you to acquire a customer. Going back to our example, if you spend $600 a week on Adwords and you get six customers, your CPA is $100. Your per customer revenue should be higher than your CPA on a consistent basis.

conversion-rateConversion Rate

What percentage of your calls result in sales? This will help shape your hiring and training needs as well as internet advertising. You’ll know that Sally is closing 60% of her calls while James is consistently at 30%. You will also know which groups of keywords are performing better.

return-on-investmentReturn On Investment

Our Call Tracking platform will show which advertising channel is producing more quality leads so you can make adjustments with your marketing.

Missed Opportunity:

When each call is tracked and recorded, you have the opportunity to go back over calls and assess where missed selling an up-selling opportunities are being lost. From there you can increase training or make personnel changes.