You’ll Never Look at a Phone Call the Same Way Again.

It requires insight to stop guessing and know what makes your customers tick. That’s what every successful businessperson needs to take his or her organization to the next level. Track Leads provides you the insight you need through our Call Tracking Software that links customer behavior, both on and off-line, at even the most granular level.

Your current and potential customers are more sophisticated than ever. Today’s consumer demands an excellent shopping experience and has no problem taking their dollars elsewhere after a substandard shopping experience.

The most successful businesses are able to deliberately and purposefully engage in quality customer interactions by knowing how the consumer behaves, not how they think they behave. Incomplete customer metrics results in bland insights and ultimately bland experiences for the customer.

Let our Call Tracking software provide you with the depth and breadth of data you need that will propel customers through the entire sales cycle over and over again. If you can see their journey, you can help them reach the proper destination.

With our Call Tracking software you get the entire spectrum of data. Behind every single piece of Track Leads software is a businessperson making better decisions. Each piece of technology provides a piece of the puzzle that creates a mosaic of data that leads to accurate thinking, which results in you making the right moves.

Unlike other platforms out there, our Call Tracking software does more than just compile meaningless data that’s too complex to interpret. Our simple interface allows you to understand the data. You learn what makes the phone ring. You’ll know which specific keywords result in the highest quality calls, the number of clicks it takes to call, and which web pages drive customers to dial.

Once you navigate the learning curve (it’s actually really simple), you can start to make the magic happen through logical decision-making. When you deliver seamless offline and online experiences, the result is powerful customer relationships forged by the power of knowing what they want :“ and then delivering.

Call Tracking Software Features

We’ve got you covered. Our Call Tracking software includes the following features:

Toll Free Numbers : We have an extensive database of toll-free numbers that allow you to track calls and SMS interactions with each of your marketing efforts.

SMS Tracking : You can track your SMS campaigns and interactions. Our Call Tracking software records the time, date, and even the content of SMS interactions and then displays them on your customized dashboard.

Caller ID : Your unique tracking numbers track the caller ID of every customer then automatically create leads and call interactions. You’ll know exactly who called and have the ability to track every single interaction they’ve had with your company.

Local Phone Numbers : Customers are more likely to call local phone numbers. You’ll be able to use local numbers for the cities you target to increase effectiveness of every one of your campaigns. We’re constantly adding more local numbers in every city and state.

Forward Calls and SMS : Our Call Tracking software lets you forward calls and SMS message to anywhere you want them to go. Anywhere.

Track Leads is the partner that works just as hard as you do. By using our Call Tracking software, you’re investing in your business for the long hall. Some of the benefits our clients have experienced include saving money, improved conversion rates, better customer service, and increased profits.