Convert More Leads Into Clients. Period.

Getting leads is one thing. Nurturing and converting them into clients is another. It takes effective management to move your leads from the initial phase of generation until a client is acquired and a sale made. Most organizations spend too much money on advertising – hoping leads will convert to sales. The result is wasted financial and human capital along with deflated profit margins.

The solution lies in deliberate lead management. The results are high conversion rates and more bang for your advertising buck. It’s just the infusion your business needs to get to the next level.

Effective lead management requires drilling down into the data to establish a narrative for each potential customer. To capture crucial information requires a reliable system that allows for key personnel access to specific, detailed data for each lead. Doing such results in marketing and advertising efforts that remain nimble and proactive rather than stagnant. Gone are the days of pumping money into an advertising black hole and hoping something works.

It’s Simple. The more you know about each potential customer, or lead, the more accurately you can diagnose which of your marketing efforts are working or need to be reassessed. The majority of marketers have no systematic methodology for tracking and managing leads. It’s wasted time, effort, and resources that could be directed into other areas of your business to push growth.

The goal of any lead management initiative is to generate new revenue, increase market penetration, and improve branding. Without a lead management system to push leads through the sales funnel, you will never know which of your marketing and lead generation efforts are working and which ones are simply costing you time and money.

Successful organizations know how much each lead costs the organization. Knowing this key metric is critical to the financial health of your business. Many marketers mistakenly focus on front-end results such as the number of leads captured. While a record number of leads seem like a victory, your organization may actually lose money if the conversion rate isn’t high enough. Only the right lead management software will tell you what return you’re getting on your advertising dollars. When you have access to data, you can use it to adjust your efforts in order to achieve the outcomes you desire.

Track Leads Lead Management Systems allows you to properly track and categorize your unique marketing campaigns so you can gauge effectiveness. We offer a fully automated system that adds a unique tracking ID to every single campaign you run. Our automated systems mean you can spend more time on the creative side of things rather than sifting through mountains of data. With Track Leads, you’ll have all the analytics you need at a glance to make immediate, data-driven decisions that will improve your business.

While simple in scope, the inquiry and lead flow process is complex and should be navigated with great care. Interactions between existing clients, potential customers, and sales personnel create either positive or negative outcomes. Your lead management system should mitigate counter-productive scenarios while increasing the likelihood of positive outcomes. Functional disconnects leading to mishandled inquiries must be reduced as much as possible.

Track Leads lead management software can establish toll-free numbers that encourage customers to call in. We also capture any SMS data. This is especially effective when targeting geographical locations so you can set up local phone numbers, which are more likely to be called than national numbers.

The bottom line is this – Track Leads intelligent lead management software allows you to appropriately manage and increase the positive scenarios resulting from customer inquiries while effectively minimizing the potential for leads to fall through the cracks though mismanagement. It’s about maximizing your dollars and converting potential leads to customers.