Nurture Every Lead. Maximize Your Revenue

All sales leads, if properly nurtured, can result in a revenue generating opportunity. It is all too common for organizations to let well-qualified leads slip through the sales cycle resulting in lost revenue. Even the most well-intentioned businesses will hemorrhage lead after lead if the right systems and processes are not integrated into the way they conduct business. And that’s where Track Leads comes in. We offer a wide menu of lead tracking solutions to help you qualify leads and invest your time and energy doing the tasks that will give you the highest return on investment.

Our Lead Tracking Solutions will help systematize your lead acquisition processes, which is arguably the most important step in the lead management process due to the potential disconnects that can occur. Many firms spend much more on advertising than they should as the value of their marketing expenditures are decreased because data is not collected and shared within the organization.

Lead acquisition, also known as lead generation, entails capturing leads from a variety of sources including marketing campaigns, web forms, exhibits, referrals, phone calls, and social media. Successful organizations then have processes in place to vet through leads and properly distribute them to the right personnel and departments. Using our Lead Tracking Solutions, you can create workflow patterns for different types of leads depending on geographic location, type of product/service, web activity, and more.

Track Leads solutions encourage and facilitate follow-ups in order to establish which leads are sales-ready versus general inquiries. Sales personnel will know how and when to connect to all types of leads using the correct medium such as phone, direct mail, email, appointment, or SMS. And once proper contact is made, the sales professional can close the sale and convert the lead into an established account.

Top-Shelf Communication

The cornerstone of a robust and powerful lead tracking solution is the ability to communicate. Intrusive and effective lead management requires cogent and timely communication within the organization and with clients. Our Lead Tracking Solutions facilitate contact with the customer through the most appropriate channel based upon their location within the sales cycle. In other words, you’ll always be at the right place at the right time.

In addition to the overt communication tactics our solutions provide, the platform also provides a variety of automated lead nurturing activities such as email opt-ins to capture more data and increase top of the mind awareness.

Consumer behavioral theory tells us that an initial positive customer experience centered on relevance and responsiveness are key components that result in potential clients becoming actual clients. Our Lead Tracking solutions help engage the consumer with speed, relevance, and accuracy “ which are proven to exert influence on them to acquire your products or services.

When consumers utilize the web to shop, they are generally doing so out of a need for convenience and value. Thus, they expect a positive experience with relevant content and timely responses to their queries. Using Track Leads Lead Tracking Solutions, you and your sales force will have the data to leverage and respond quickly and accurately to the potential client’s needs. You’ll know the inside information you need to help you close the sale either online or over the phone.

And no more wasting time on tracking down useless leads that waste time. Track Leads uses intelligent methodology to filter and assess lead data. Like any strong inquiry system, you’ll save thousands of hours by not having to manually scrub addresses and verify data. Instead, you and your people will be able to use that time to concentrate your efforts on those tasks that build your business and grow revenue.